About Us

We build conversational chatbots representing the next generation of artificial intelligence technology.

We are passionate drivers of technological innovation within the non-profit sphere.

Clark Management Consulting (CMC) is the force behind CauseBot. CMC has developed and implemented custom technology solutions for non-profit organizations since 2013. In addition to chatbots, CMC has developed browser plugins, desktop applications, document assembly systems, online intake systems, and web scrapers, all to help non-profit organizations better serve their clients.





CMC’s founder, Alex Clark, is a Nebraska-licensed attorney, a full-stack web developer, and holds a dozen technical, information security, and business management certifications from (ISC)², ISACA, PMI, CompTIA, Microsoft and IAPP.


Who We Are

Meet the CauseBot Team

Alex Clark

Founder & Developer

Sarah Beringer

Project Manager


CauseBot is an AI-powered chatbot designed to help your organization deliver information and resources.